Our Beginning.

Newcastle Art Therapy is the long awaited fifth child of founder Naomi Wild, using her own story of transformation as the inspiration for her vision.

For as long as she can remember, Naomi has expressed herself through creative forms of mark making. As an adult, no matter what her chosen vocation, the calling to keep this fire burning has been strong. The realisation came, that this creativity had been a strong thread through many challenges and transformational times. That in fact, she had been holding space for her processes, healing trauma and accessing deep wisdom to move forwards.

"When I studied Transpersonal Art Therapy at The College of Complementary Medicine, I felt like I had come home. I finally understood what I had being doing all these years and why it worked." NW

Naomi also found that her passion for people called her out of the art studio (at least in part), and into a career focused on sharing ways that bring us closer to wholeness. To greater connection with ourselves so that we can then better connect with others and all that is greater.

The overlapping skillsets of Artist, Therapist and Educator, allows Naomi the unique ability to be able to meet each client, group or organisation as they need to be met.

Naomi has conducted a private practice and been teaching courses through Lifeline, schools and community organisations since 2014.

Having exhibited in galleries across NSW and in London and Berlin, her experience as an Artist continues to inform her practice and is a core principle in her own wellbeing.


A growing Vision.

It is our vision to have these alternative pathways to wellbeing available to anyone and everyone, as we all have the human need for both creativity in its diverse forms and expression of our internal worlds.

In a time where we are seeing such a need for the understanding and provision for diversity, where it is now widely accepted that there is a broad spectrum of learning and intelligence styles; creative expression holds the key to reaching many that have been struggling to connect.

Our services are growing to include a broad range of Art practices, and mentorship by members of Newcastles thriving artist community.

We are also collaborating with Complementary health practitioners, Yoga teachers and Galleries to bring a fuller picture of Wellbeing and community involvement.

The dream is to share this across our great nation.