An artist who uses creativity to help process their life experience & helps others do the same.


We have found that people of all ages, learning styles and world views light up when they find ways to express creatively. It is almost like they have permission to come home to themselves just a little more each time.

As much as we believe in the power of Art Therapy, we have discovered a need for a different kind of support where the focus is on creative projects, developed alongside a Role Model or Mentor.

Sometimes placing focus on an issue like child anxiety or healing trauma can be just too confronting for some people or at certain times.When spending time with a Mentor, trust is built and areas that need care and attention are addressed. Something is translated in the doing that can not be taught on a black board or even through spoken word.

We are currently building our team of Artist Mentors. See below for what we believe makes a healthy role model.

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          "Give light and the darkness will disappear by itself."

Desiderius Erasmus






Who makes a good Mentor?

We take a lot into consideration when sourcing people to act as Mentors in our programs, as we take the weight of responsibility of such a role very seriously.

Mentors need to be passionate about their creative life. They need to have woven it into their worlds in such a way that it enhances their interactions with the world and their own wellbeing. That alone may be inspiring but must also be coupled with an authentic and ethical character, and have appropriate training in mental health, education or social services. Mentors are also screened carefully with Police and Working with Children Checks.

Yes, it is a tall order, but this combination is crucial to our program being safe, supportive and worthy of your child's or your own time.

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             "The richness of an artist is

 the fusion of influences that

 have shaped his 

life and work." 

    Fernando Botero

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